Whilst 99% of my job involves making my subjects look better, I sometimes have the opportunity to have a little fun with Photoshop and embrace the gruesome.  Last weekend, Pixel By Pixel sponsored a disc golf tournament at Bald Hill Park in Clarinda, VIC.  There was a Halloween theme for the event so I though I would have a little fun creating my sponsor tee sign and create a zombie disc golfer.  Thankfully, I had a willing participant for my model.  It’s not easy asking someone if they would mind having their photo manipulated to make them  look like a zombie. 🙂

This photo manipulation involved some simple compositing, colour correction (or should I say “invention”), some painting of blood and scars and a lot of dodging and burning to create the desired effect.

Before zombie

Before zombie


Pixel By Pixel's sponsored hole at the 2018 Kingston City Classic

Pixel By Pixel’s sponsored hole at the 2018 Kingston City Classic

It was a fun challenge.  So… any takers?  Who would like to be ‘zombified?’

Update.  I have a few volunteers for the zombie treatment this year.  In the meantime, here is an update to the previous image;


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