Courses, Workshops and Online Tuition

Carol from Pixel By Pixel offers a variety of quality education programs, either face to face or online.

Photoshop and Photo Restoration Courses

Photo Restoration

Introduction to Photoshop Elements 10 and Digital Photo Restoration (Using Photoshop Elements 10)

The eight week Photo Restoration course at the Pines Learning Centre has now been replaced with a six week, Introduction to Photoshop Elements course followed by an eight week Digital Photo Restoration course.

During the six week Introduction To Photoshop Elements course, students become familiar with Photoshop tools, commands and filters.  They also develop an understanding of Layers, Adjustment Layers and Layer Masks.

During the eight week Photo Restoration course, students learn to copy, restore and archive precious photos and documents.   Students receive step by step tuition in enhancing exposure and colour, removing spots, scratches, mould and stains, repairing tears and creases, compositing, adding colour to black and white images, archival printing options and more!!  Comprehensive course notes are provided to reinforce skills learnt in class.

Contact Pines Learning for information about the next available course.  ph: 03 98426726

 Online Courses

Unlike some online courses where you are simply sent notes and asked to complete lessons independently, these courses allow you to connect live with Carol and other students once a week for a live, 1 1/2 hour presentation where you have the ability to ask questions and watch Carol’s monitor, from the comfort of your own home.  You will then have the opportunity to practice your skills throughout the week.  You will need a broadband connection and a headset with microphone/earphones to participate.

An Introduction to Photoshop (online)

The four week, Introduction to Photoshop, online course is a great introduction to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements for those who are new to the software or those who have simpy found it all a little overwhelming.  Photoshop is a huge program and it would be impossioble to learn all of it’s amazing features in just a few weeks.  This intoductory course will provide an overview of tools and commands and equip you with skills to perform basic edits on your photographs.  Topics covered include;

  • An Overview of the User Interface
  • Understanding the Toolbox
  • Understanding Layers, adjustment layers and Layer Masks
  • File types and Sizes
  • Basic exposure / colour adjustments and more!

You must have a broadband connection to participate in online courses.

All online courses are currently postponed

For more information contact Carol by email or phone 03 86829572


Private Photoshop Tuition

Online tuition for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

Learn to edit your photos with one-on-one tuition

Carol from Pixel By Pixel now offers one-one-one Photoshop tuition either from your home, workplace or online via remote screen sharing.  This option is ideal for those who are unable to attend one of the courses or who would like tuition tailored to their specific needs.  Online tuition via remote screen sharing allows participants to connect directly with Carol’s screen whilst she demonstrates skills or alternatively, may allow Carol to view your screen and guide you as you learn to edit your photographs.  A hands-free land-line telephone is desirable.  Written course notes are also available.  *NB.  Remote screen sharing may not be possible for those with dial up or slow broadband connections.

Cost: from $60 per hour

Contact Carol by phone on 03 86829572 or by email to arrange your one-on-one tuition

Photo Restoration Weekend Workshops

Photo Restoration weekend workshop

Photo Restoration Weekend or One Day Workshops

One or two day workshops can be tailored for your group or organisation.  This option is perfect for genealogy or special interest groups, especially those in remote areas.  You provide a suitable venue and students bring along their own computers (either laptop or desktop) with either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements installed.  A Minimum of  six participants is required.

Some knowledge of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is desirable.

Contact Carol by phone on 03 86829572 or by email for more information.