Photo Retouching

portrait retouching, photo retouching, beauty retouching, photo enhancementOur services at Pixel By Pixel are not limited to image restoration.  Images, old and new can be enhanced, whether it be for your own family album or for publication in print or web.

Quite often we have photos that are good, but could be great with a few adjustments.  This may be as simple as improving exposure or colour, sharpening, correcting distortion or removing unwanted objects.  Portrait retouching may include removing blemishes, wrinkles or uncomplimentary backgrounds, whitening teeth and adding ‘sparkle’ to eyes, or perhaps you may  wish to change the colour of hair or even add hair where it once grew.

Simply email, upload or post your images to Carol for an obligation free quote.

Visit the Photo Retouching Gallery to view samples;