Price Guide

How much will it cost to edit my photograph?

Photo Restoration:

The cost of having a photograph or document restored, retouched, deep etched or coloured, is based on the time required to repair and enhance each individual image. The following is a guide only.  Accurate quotes can only be given upon viewing the original image or document as some damage is not clearly evident until the image is scanned or assessed very closely.

Level one restoration

Level 1:

Suitable for images which may have faded or discoloured over time, but do not require any other repair. Service includes;  Scanning of print, slide or negative, adjusting  density (levels of brightness), contrast and colour balance plus ropping and resizing of image to suit your specifications.  White borders and/or text may also be added.

Minimum Charge for this service is $25

Level two photo restoration

Level 2:

In addition to services offered with Level 1, this service  also includes the repair of minor damage such as scratches, tears, dust spots, mould, stains, etc. on non-critical  areas of the image.

Cost for this service is $25 -$50

Level Three photo restoration

Level 3:

In addition to services provided for Level 1 and 2, this service includes repair of moderate damage, including damage to ‘critical’ areas on the image such as faces.

Cost for this service ranges from $50 – $150  ( The addition of colour to black and white images may incur an additional charge.)

Level Four Restoration

Level 4:

Images with extensive damage or special restoration needs such as the rebuilding of facial features, limbs, etc., reconstruction or the removal or addition of elements such as adding an extra person, fall into this category.  In some instances, where large portions of the image have been lost, it may be necessary to work from more than one photograph.  Subjects may also be removed.

This type of restoration is  generally more time consuming, so a quote may be given upon request.  $150+

To receive an obligation free restoration appraisal, you may either upload your scanned image, email your scanned image or post your images to Pixel By Pixel at P.O. Box 4266, Balwyn East,Vic, 3103.    Remember to provide detailed instructions of the work that you would like carried out.   Carol will contact you, either by phone or email to provide a quote before any restoration work is commenced.


Photo Retouching:

The cost of image retouching is based on an hourly rate. Upload , Email or post a copy of your image with instructions of work to be completed to receive an accurate quote.


Clipping Paths (Deep Etching):

Clipping Paths can be created for as little as $5:00 per single image.

Simple clipping paths: $5.00

Moderate clipping paths: $7.50+

Complex clipping paths (including images with hair, fur, feathers, lace, intricate jewellery, etc.) $10.00+


The above prices include colour and exposure correction, resizing and optimisation for web.  Watermarks may also be added.


Do you offer printing?

Yes, prints can be made from your restored or retouched images or you can opt to have them returned to you electronically or burnt to CD.  There is no fee for electronic transfer either by email or FTP.

Prints on Photographic Paper:

6″x4″…………………………… $2.00 each

5″x7″ ……………………………$5.00 each

6″x8″ ……………………………$6.00 each

8″x10″ ………………………….$10.00 each

8″x12″ ………………………….$12.00 each

10″x15″ ………………………..$15.00 each

Other sizes available upon request

Prints on Canvas or Fine art Paper:

Exhibition quality, giclee prints may be made upon request. Should you wish to have your images printed on archival canvas or fine art paper contact Carol for a quote indicating desired size, quantity and print medium.

Images On CD:

Would you like your restored image saved to CD?  Images are usually returned to you as prints or by email however they can also be burnt to CD. Images are saved in standard print sizes enabling you to have extra prints made from your files using your home printer or local photo store.

CD………………………………..$6.00 each


Small Product Photography by Pixel By Pixel

Flat Lay Garment and Small Product Photography:

Set-up fee:  $25:00

$15.00 per product image.

This includes styling, photography, exposure and colour enhancement plus deep etching.  Files are returned to you in both high resolution and optimised for web.

Small products are considered those I can comfortably photograph on tabletop

Products with complex clipping paths may attract a higher fee.

Additional fees if ironing / steaming of garments is required.


Portrait photography by Pixel By Pixel

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography available at your home or on location.  You choose between natural or studio lighting.
Limited Photography sessions are available so please contact Carol for a quote.