Yes, Literally!  Child’s play.

I needed a few texture images  yesterday for an editing project so grabbed my camera and ran outside to take a few shots   My four year old daughter followed with the Dora The Explorer camera she received for Christmas last year.  This particular camera won’t win any prizes for it’s picture quality but it sure does make photography fun for my little girl, especially when she is congratulated by Dora after each shot for doing such a fantastic job;  “Fantastico!”

It wasn’t long before I completely forgot about finding interesting textures and instead pointed my camera at my little photographer who was closely studying the colourful spring blooms in our front yard.  She tried different camera angles and even switched from shooting landscape format to portrait format.  I was most impressed with her concentration and determination to find the best angle.

We ventured back inside and uploaded our images.  A short while later in Photoshop  and voila!  a cute keepsake to hang on her wall.

ps.  Yes, there is a bit of interpolation happening with her lovely flower images.  That’s what you get when your Dora camera shoots at 640 x 480 pixles. 🙂


Digital Photography: It's Child's play

Photography by Evelyn and Carol Heath



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