There are some amazing wedding photographers out there.  I am not one of them. 😕

Early in my career I worked as a portrait photographer and whilst I still shoot some portraits, I find myself mostly in front of the computer screen editing images for other photographers or photographing products.  But when my niece rang and asked for a favour earlier this year, I simply couldn’t say no and soon found myself offering to photograph her wedding.  I have shot a few weddings and after each occassion I do recall saying, ‘never again’ but I guess I am just a sucker, especially when it comes to family.

Lisa and Matthew celebrated their wedding at Echidna Gully near Armidale in NSW,  a beautiful setting in spectacular gorge country.

Whilst kept busy on the day, I  felt honoured to be able to share the day so intimately with Lisa and Matthew.

Here are a few of my favourite pics from the day.

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