The answer is yes but sadly I don’t need to ask to know that one of these babies would be beyond my budget.

Among the many tasks I perform at Pixel By Pixel is flat lay product photography. You know?  those images of clothing you see in catalogues and in online stores?  Designers, manufacturers and online retailers send me their collections and I photograph, edit and optimise their images for web, removing backgrounds and ensuring the images are an accurate depiction of the real item.  I also edit images that many of my clients take themselves.

Flat lay photography is not at all difficult, but it can be tricky maintaining even lighting,  minimising wrinkles, achieving accurate colour reproduction and emphasising textural qualities of the fabric.  I also find it hard on the back, styling each item, photographing it then replacing it with the next.  Despite the term, “flat lay”, I often photograph items on a board placed at a 45 degree angle, held in place with a slip resistant fabric and if necessary, pins (size of garment permitting).  My studio lighting and tripod are set at an angle to compliment this set-up.

Flat Lay photography by Carol Heath, Pixel By Pixel

Garment Photographed for The Enchanted Child.

Yesterday I discovered StyleShoots, an innovation by the Dutch company iShopShape.  All I can say is you will need to see this for yourself.  Watch the video.  Even if you are not a photographer or image editer, I’m sure you’ll be impressed. If you have ever spent hours bending over, styling and photographing flat lay images, then hours in front of your computer, stylus in hand creating clipping paths and masking backgrounds from garments with lace, tulle, feathers and such, you will dream of owning one of these, just like I do.

Hmmm,  I wonder how long I would have to save up for one of these?

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