I was looking forward  to Christmas just past.  A chance to travel ‘home’ to the farm in beautiful Nowendoc, NSW where I grew up; to breathe the fresh mountain air, to see my family,  and to meet the newest member of our family,  Li’l Miss Chelsea.

I just couldn’t resist the chance to photograph this very cheeky little girl.   In between rain showers, and in the brief moment when the fog lifted, we ran outside for a few snaps, assisted by my two ‘helpers,’ Master 8 and Miss 4.  It’s hard to believe these images were taken in the middle of the day.  The lighting was just lovely.

Chelsea was such a little trooper, dealing with more than a  few changes of clothes, damp long grass, and her ‘big’ cousins pulling funny faces and making silly noises.  It was so wet, I even caught the attention of a leach while walking through the long grass.  Yes, a leach!  The things we do for a photo!

This is my niece, Lisa and her gorgeous daughter Chelsea.  That makes me a Great Auntie!

Thank you beautiful girls for being such wonderful models.

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