I come across quite a few images like this one; quite obviously treasured by the owner but in need of a little TLC. Restoration wasn’t particularly difficult in this case but it was time consuming.  There really aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to repairing damage like this. Each tiny crease and crack in the emulsion needs to be cloned and healed, ‘pixel by pixel’.  The lady’s face was a little tricky but thankfully a reference passport photograph taken of her when she was older was supplied which clearly showed the shape of her jawline and lips. This made my job a little easier.  Comparing the end result with the original image and then delivering that restored image is just one of the things I just love about my job and when I receive feedback like this, it makes it even more rewarding;

“Hi Carol, You have done a wonderful restoration job. The restored face of my Grandmother is fantastic. Extremely impressed. It is amazing how a badly damaged photo can be restored so well. I thank you so much for your time, effort and great care in restoring a most precious photo of my Mum’s family.”

Thank You Theo for that great feedback and allowing me to share your image. Photo Restoration by Carol Heath, Pixel By Pixel

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