Last week I shared a document restoration.  Continuing on the theme of image restoration (not just photos), I thought I would share this restoration of a watercolour painting with you.

The original image is dated 1856 and is believed to be a painting of an early dwelling in Gipps Street, Richmond.

original watercolour paintingIt has obviously seen better days; creased, stained and yellowed with age.  After an initial levels correction it was also very obvious that that blue stain should not be there.

watercolour restoration with levels correctionI had hoped that the blue stain could easily be removed from the image by adjusting individual colour channels and masking.  Unfortunately this didn’t achieve the results I wanted so frequency separation techniques were used to help isolate the colour and textural information making it easier to restore this section.  There was quite a lot of work involved, removing spots, repairing creases and of course removing those stains.

Restored Watercolour paintingThe finished image was giclee printed on a textured fine art paper by Image Science, Melbourne.

Many thanks to the Chalmers and Reid families  for allowing me to share this beautiful image which captures a little of Melbourne’s history.

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