It’s amazing how much information can be found in images, faded by time.  This photograph was presented to me recently;  the owner fully aware of how faded it had become and appreciative of any attempt to restore it.  My comments to her when I first scanned it were something along the lines of, “great news!  I think I can fully restore this image.  The bad news however that beneath the fading lies lots of tiny spots and scratches that will take time to repair.”

When scanned, it was obvious that this image required a little more than just color and exposure correction.    There were mould stains, blue biro markings and even a thumb print from the original printing process.  Worst of all however were those scratches covering almost all of the image. This was a challenging image, but one I truly enjoyed restoring.

Thank You Margaret for allowing me to share this lovely image on my blog.  It certainly is a treasure.

faded image with minot exposure adjustment

Restored photogrpah

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