“First impressions Count”;  A saying that website owners should remind themselves of when promoting their brand and something they should remind themselves of regularly as their businesses evolve.  Are your website visitors getting the right impression of your product or service?  If not, perhaps it is time for a makeover.

I had a new website professionally built for Pixel by Pixel almost two years ago.  The old site was easy to navigate and my images looked ok, but I was actually emabarrassed to share it, especially with my peers.  I thought it looked “daggy”.  It screamed “home-made” and I really didn’t think it was an honest portrayal of my business or of my skills as a photo restorer / retoucher.  Almost two years down the track there are further changes I would like to make.  My business has evolved and it is perhaps time for my website to evolve too.  Something for me to consider over the coming months.

I have assisted with quite  a few website makeovers, retouching and optimising images to ensure they look and perform the best they can.   Often I am am working with images shot by professional photographers, other times I am working with images shot by small business owners in their makeshift studios.  With clever editing, it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Keren from The Brown Trading Co., retouching, re-sizing and optimising her product photographs.   There were quite a few images in need of retouching (over 150) and Keren, who is known for her refreshingly vibrant  designs needed her images and her site to look fresh and vibrant to match her style.

The Brown Trading Co.

Continuity was also important to the success of this site, especially with such a large variety of similar products so images needed to be re-sized and optimised accordingly.

The front page and banner images  which had been professionally styled and photographed simply ‘popped’ once edited.  These stylish interiors look so inviting and help the web site visitor to imagine these products in their own home.

The Brown-Trading-Co-front-pageIt is simply a stunning site; easy to navigate, clean, crisp, fresh and stylish.  If you like all things lovely then pay a visit to The Brown Tading Co. website.  I am sure your first impression will be a good one.

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